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Hello, my name is Uly Pashkova.

 I am a visual artist, photographer and graphic designer living in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently I create and sew transformer clothes  ULY.BLACK.

I remember the first time I cut mother’s favorite curtain. I put all my imagination and kid’s skills to create geometrical dress with pants, added black gouache abstraction, daddy’s sneakers and glasses for perfect look. I was 6 and since then I felt that everything even remotely related to Art is magical. That feeling inspired me to create beautiful things and still it’s deep inside me. I Do Everything to Inspire people. And I put people at the center of everything I do. I work with both clients and
consumers in an atmosphere of honesty and truth, wiping away preconceptions and learning together.


Ritratti a cura di Sha Ribeiro
Ostello Bello Grande Milan 2016

Photofestival Milan 2016


Standard diploma Tailor | Profstudy
Kiev Ukraine Oct 2019

Standard diploma Fashion Designer | Profstudy
Kiev Ukraine Sep 2019

BA Visualist | IED Istituto Europeo di Design: Design and Fashion school
Milan Italy 2016

2 years Fashion Designer | National University of Technology & Design
Kiev Ukraine 2008


Fashion brand ULY.BLACK Founder and Owner
Kiev Ukraine since Apr 2018

Calendate Graphic designer
Kiev Ukraine since Mar 2017

Nike Italy Photographer, Designer
Milan, Rome Italy Jun 2014 — Jan 2016

NBA Italy Photographer, Designer
Milan Italy Jun 2015 — Dec 2015


IELTS 6.0 (Listening 6.0, Reading 6.0, Writing 5.5, Speaking 7.0)
Kiev Ukraine Mar 2019

Italian B2
IED Milan Italy 2016

Ukranian second native
since 2003

Russian native 
since 1989